June 21, 2021

Honda Pioneer vs. Yamaha Viking: What Our Experts Think

They’re both capable and hardworking—but which one is right for you? Check out our Honda Pioneer vs. Yamaha Viking breakdown to find out!
May 5, 2021

Yamaha Viking vs. Yamaha Wolverine: The Ultimate Comparison

It’s a Yamaha showdown! We’re comparing the Viking and the Wolverine to see how they stack up. Which machine will come out on top?
January 21, 2021

How to Install a Cooler/Cargo Box on a Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

Maximize your RMAX's storage space with a SuperATV Cooler/Cargo Box! Installing it is simple. In this video, Braden shows you how it's done.
November 26, 2020
SuperATV Rear Windshield on Yamaha RMAX 1000

How to Install a Rear Windshield on a Yamaha RMAX 1000

Make your cab more comfortable with a rear windshield! In this video, Braden shows you how easy it is to install one on a Yamaha RMAX.
November 24, 2020
Yamaha RMAX 1000 Flip Windshield from SuperATV

How to Install a Flip Windshield on a Yamaha RMAX 1000

Take control of your cab's comfort level with a SuperATV Flip Windshield! In this video, Braden demonstrates how to install one on an RMAX.
October 20, 2020
SuperATV Half Windshield on Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

How to Install a Half Windshield on a Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

A half windshield from SuperATV lets you enjoy a breeze without getting a face full of bugs—and installing one is super quick and easy!
October 15, 2020
full windshield on Yamaha Wolverine RMAX

How to Install a Full Windshield on a Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

Add protection and style to your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX with a Full Windshield from SuperATV! Here's how easy they are to install.
October 7, 2020
Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000

Yamaha RMAX 1000 Review—The Wolverine Family Grows

The RMAX 1000 is powerful, aggressive, and ultra luxurious. Here’s everything we know about the newest member of the Yamaha Wolverine family.
August 14, 2017
Chris Fischer is going buck wild in his Yamaha YXZ... and he can't see!

Riding Blind with Chris Fischer

Chris Fischer loves going fast and loves to ride. He doesn't let anything stop him. There's just one thing about Chris that makes his trips to dunes a little different: he's blind.