July 18, 2018
The two-seater R2S2 at the creek

Introducing SuperATV’s R2S2—How We Built This Tandem RS1

SuperATV’s custom RS1 is perhaps our most ambitious build yet. The RS1 is one of the hottest new Polaris models to come out in a long time, and with 110 horsepower, a 1000 cc engine, and a 64” width, it’s got all the features you love out of a standard RZR 1000. But it’s the single seat of the RS1 […]
April 27, 2018

Polaris RZR RS1 Review—The Single-Seater Showstopper

Polaris rolled out the RZR RS1 in January 2018, and it was like nothing we've experienced before. Check out our review of this single-seater rig and see what SuperATV's president and founder, Harold Hunt, had to say about it.
January 31, 2018

New Polaris RZR RS1—A RZR 1000 Single Seater

Polaris just unveiled their new RZR RS1 with a short video showing some impressive specs and fancy driving. Check out the full video. It’s essentially a RZR 1000 crammed into a smaller frame making it faster and more agile. But how does it compare really to a standard XP 1000 of the 2 seat variety? The RS1’s Got Power First […]