November 19, 2020
checking a U-joint

How to Check the U-Joint on Your UTV

Is it time to re-grease or replace your U-joint? In this video, Braden shows you how to carry out this important maintenance step.
November 18, 2020
greasing Polaris wheel bearings

How to Grease Polaris Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are crucial to safe and smooth machine performance, so it's important to keep them greased. Here's how to do it on a Polaris!
November 16, 2020
A Closeup of an ATV chain

How to Tighten a Chain on an ATV

Keeping your ATV’s chain happy is an important part of regular maintenance. We’ll tell you how to tighten a chain on an ATV along with other useful tips.
October 20, 2020
UTV windshield

How to Clean and Care for Your Polycarbonate Windshield

You love your poly UTV windshield, but do you know how to properly care for it? Check out these dos and don’ts for cleaning polycarbonate.
September 10, 2020
Replacement winch rope for SuperATV's Black Ops Winch

How to Replace the Winch Rope on Your Black Ops Winch

Your Black Ops Winch is your lifeline while riding, so when that winch rope starts to show wear, you should replace it ASAP. Here's how!
September 3, 2020
Super Duty X300 Ball Joint from SuperATV

How to Service and Adjust SuperATV Ball Joints

Ball joints are a crucial suspension piece, so knowing how to properly service and adjust them is important. Here are some tips from Braden!
August 24, 2020
SuperATV radius arms

How to Service SuperATV Radius Arms

SuperATV offers a full line of side-by-side radius arms! In this video, Braden shows you how to service them to keep you riding longer.
May 21, 2020
GDP portal gear lift

How to Maintain and Service SuperATV’s 8″ GDP Portals

Learn how to disassemble, inspect, and rebuild SuperATV's 8" GDP Portals. Proper maintenance is vital to keep your portals performing well!
April 23, 2020

Portal Gear Oil Explained—Does it Really Work?

Is Portal Blood the real deal? Is it that much better than other gear oil? Tyler's here to show you how Portal Blood outperforms them all.