August 5, 2020

A Year by Year Breakdown of Side-by-Side Portals

Portals are still new to the side-by-side industry, but they've been through a lot of changes. From the earliest SXS Gear kits to modern 8" GDP Portals, we check them all out.
March 16, 2020

The Evolution of the Polaris RZR

The RZR is a staple in the UTV world. Let's take a look at how Polaris went from the 2008 Ranger RZR to the 2020 RZR PRO XP, and how the industry was impacted along the way. Check out our take on the evolution of the RZR!
January 27, 2020

A (Somewhat Brief) History of the UTV Industry

From the beginning, we knew the UTV industry was going to be huge. But did we really realize just how far it would go? Take a look into history with us—you might just find yourself feeling a little nostalgic.
August 31, 2018
A polaris RZR creek riding with a set of SuperATV portals

From Prototype to Portal Dominance—How SuperATV Built a Better Portal

Gen 2 Portals–our most significant portal release so far–were assembled and ready to roll. With a few more clicks, all the emails and social media posts we’d spent weeks building would let the world know all about our brand-new Gen 2 portals. Engineering had been working toward the release of Gen 2 portals for years at this point. Every data […]
August 10, 2018

The Surprising Origins of Portal Gear Lifts

Did you ever wonder what portal gear lifts were used for before people started putting them on their side-by-sides? Their long and storied history reaches all the way back to pre-World War II.
November 17, 2017

Madison, Indiana—Home of SuperATV

The unassuming small town of Madison, Indiana has been the home of SuperATV since its inception in 2003. It’s a humble home for SuperATV, but it’s not quite like any other small town around. The 208-year-old city is located right on the banks of the Ohio River. The downtown is literally down in the Ohio River Valley 400 feet below […]
August 8, 2017
Whoever wins, we lose. No, wait. It's a win-win for us this time.

Polaris vs. Can-Am: A Battle for the Ages

Rivalry runs rampant in the off-road industry, and Can-Am and Polaris are no stranger to it. Does one have a leg up on the other? Let's see!
July 14, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Harold Hunt, SuperATV Founder and President

Harold Hunt started SuperATV with an idea to make his Sportsman better, and a whole lot of know-how. His idea stuck, and now SuperATV is the industry leader.