Sara Wines

I've been riding ATVs (and getting them hung up) all over southern Indiana since I was 10. I have a passion for travel and the outdoors that I love to share. When I'm not crafting content for SuperATV, you can find me at my art studio working on sculpture, collage, or embroidery.

February 7, 2024

DCT vs. CVT—What’s the Best UTV Transmission?

We’re diving into the main types of transmissions you’ll find in side-by-sides today. Decide for yourself which UTV transmission is best.
January 17, 2024

What Makes the Honda Rancher a Mud Machine?

We’re going nail down what makes the Rancher such a quality bog machine—and show you how to build your own.
December 13, 2023

The SuperATV Gift Guide for All Occasions

SuperATV is here to make gift-giving easy. No matter the occasion, you can make their day with these gifts!
November 20, 2023

Segway Makes History with the Hybrid Super Villain UTV

The new hybrid Super Villain UTV from Segway has the potential to revolutionize the off-road industry. But will it deliver?
November 1, 2023

3 Couples Dominating Powersports

We’ve picked just 3 couples out of the hundreds of awesome off-road enthusiasts to focus on. These couples prove that the UTV life isn’t just “for the guys.” It’s an awesome hobby couples—even whole families—can enjoy together!
September 27, 2023

What is a Ready Fit Winch?

Everything you need to know about SuperATV's Ready-Fit Winches. They're high-quality, easy to install, and come with everything you need to get started.
August 16, 2023

SuperATV Will Keep You Up & Running

Our engineers, designers, and testers have created OEM-quality (or better) replacement parts at a much lower price point. We call them Up & Running.
July 26, 2023

The Xpedition is Nothing Compared to These Weird Rigs

Let’s take a look at six-wheeled ATVs and how they still influence off-road culture today. Who knows, maybe we’ll see six-wheelers make a big comeback?
June 28, 2023

You Need a Portal Gear Lift for Rock Crawling—Here’s Why

Portals provide gear reduction, improved torque, and bigger tires. But portals offer even more benefits for rock crawling in four-seaters!